About John C. Loupos, M.S. Psych, C.H.S.E. / Bio

South Shore Hanna Somatic Education, Pain and Mobility Clinic - with John Loupos C.H.S.E. M.S. Psychology


John C. Loupos – a Brief Bio

John C. Loupos, M.S. Psych, C.H.S.E., has been a career martial artist since 1966. John’s pursuits have included studies in Taoist alchemical meditation and Qigong methods, and in Classical Homeopathy. Ever interested in health and healing for mind and body, John elected to pursue a second career in Hanna Somatics education back in 2003.

With dual certification from the Novato Institute and from Somatics Systems Institute, John founded the Pain and Mobility Clinic in 2004. He is the author of, “The Sustainable You – Hanna Somatics & the Myth of Aging,” pub. 2011, and of a growing body of original Somatics movement routines, currently available in CD format.

John is also an active and involved member of the Association for Hanna Somatic education (AHSE), and is currently a sitting member of the AHSE Board of Directors.



John demonstrates an Assisted Pandiculation for workshop attendees