South Shore Hanna Somatic Education, Pain and Mobility Clinic - with John Loupos C.H.S.E. M.S. Psychology

What is Hanna Somatics Education?

A Sifu Somatics 13 Final.jpgHanna Somatics Education (HSE) is a natural, safe, noninvasive way to end chronic pain, relieve stress, and restore freedom of movement. HSE employs a unique method of reeducating the brain so as to restore sensory awareness and fuller voluntary control to the brain over the muscles in the motor system.

John Loupos, M.S. Psych. is fully certified as a Clinical Somatic Educator by Somatic Systems Inst. and as a Hanna Somatic Educator by the Novato Insti. John is founder of the ‘Pain and Mobility Clinic’ in Cohasset, Ma. where he maintains an active clinical practice out of his Jade Forest location. John is available for individual private sessions as well as for special interest group presentations. Ask about our open-to-the-public group Somatic Exploration classes. You may contact John Loupos by calling 781-383-6822, or via the contact form.

John Loupos’ Hanna Somatic Education
located at Jade Forest
130 King St Rt 3A
Cohasset, MA 02025
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New 2020 Feature: Distance-learning

John Loupos is now offering live online instruction in Hanna Somatic movement patterns via Skype and FaceTime, and group classes in Somatics movement patterns via Zoom. Students from around the world have been availing themselves of this convenient feature to ease the burdens of neuromuscular pain and increase range of motion for smarter and more compliant bodies. Individual personalized online lessons can be structured in increments of 30, 45, or 60 minutes. Please contact John directly to discuss how online learning can help you realize your full potential.

Latest Book

Book: The Sustainable You - Somatics and the Myth of AgingThe Sustainable You – Somatics and the Myth of Aging

NEW! John’s latest book, “The Sustainable You – Somatics and the Myth of Aging” is now available for purchase. The Sustainable You offers an alternative to the usual path of age-related pain and stiffness—no matter how old you are.

Order your copy online today! or read the reviews

Featured Product

Movements for Sensing and Freeing the Sacrum and Cranium
by John Loupos Review by Martha Peterson. CHSE

This CD by Tai Chi teacher and Somatic Educator John Loupos, is comprised of 5 lessons, each of them short enough that one is encouraged to focus on a very specific area of the sacrum and cranium and then allow time for the lesson to sink in sensorily. Find out more…